About Us

Jetmaster has always been about home, its about family and friends, sitting around a fire, sharing memories, living in the present and dreaming of the future.

We have been manufacturing fireplaces and outdoor grilling units of distinction since 1951. Our footprint stretches over 5 continents. We are proudly American, with a South African heritage,  and we know fire.

Whether you are looking for romantic ambience, master chef style outdoor grilling, or just chilling in your outdoor kitchen, Jetmaster is your perfect companion.


We Know Fire

Jetmaster has been designing and manufacturing fireplaces and outdoor grills of distinction since 1951.

Be the envy of your neighborhood with a JETMASTER, specifically designed to add the ambience of a crackling wood fire, bringing warmth and comfort to just about any room.

Grilling & Chilling

With our range of meticulously crafted outdoor grilling units, you to can be a master chef. Whether you love a Sunday afternoon barbeque with friends, or grilling meat everyday of the week, Jetmaster has the perfect built-in or freestanding Grill unit for your home.

We do them Built-in, freestanding, fuelled by wood or charcoal and they are available in Stainless or Mild steel options:


Jetmaster is a member of the Argent Industrial Group

Established 1951


ISO Certified

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